What we do

Loyalty and Marketing

The nature of customer management is changing. Traditional loyalty programs are missing a trick as they do not consider individual lifestyle preferences and customer experience.   New channels such as social media and digital tools based on big data management have created a new customer to brand relationship based on frequency, affinity, ease and convenience. Our marketing solution provides brands with a more comprehensive view of client needs and preferences so they can provide tailored products and services. 

Mobile Financial Services

The explosion of mobile phones globally together with the introduction of new digital platforms have created opportunities for best of breed brands. APIs are disrupting traditional channels in favour of mobile orchestration. We offer an end to end capability: thorough understanding of different technologies, implementation of mobile solutions, market place development and the design and build of innovative payment solutions and ecosystems. Our latest payments innovation, DrnkPay, is an example of our end to end pioneering approach. 

M&A Strategy & Advisory

We help our private equity and hedge fund clients navigate the changing cards and payments arena by challenging established portfolio valuations with our own specialised insights of the emerging ecosystem. Our strategy offering helps clients to stay one step ahead of the competition and stay relevant in a marketplace which is becoming saturated with new players. 

Advanced Acquiring

New business models are shaping the market, increasing its complexity and expanding the number of stakeholders involved. In addition, new financial services players have entered the arena and merchants are becoming eager to engage directly with their customers. We believe a successful acquiring model depends on Value Added Services which in turn can unlock new revenue streams and engage customers. Recent VAS solutions include cashback, dynamic currency conversion, connectivity offers, vouchers, coupons, CRM services and proximity capabilities. 

Issuing Innovation

Plastic cards continue to evolve with the introduction of contactless and the demise of cash, cheques and branches. Similarly, demand for mobile wallet solutions are driven by the convenience of quick payments or transfers and biometric identification. We offer strategic planning and turnaround services, cards portfolio management, the review of issuing bank processes and platforms, design and implementation, analytics and performance optimisation and support in turning regulatory mandates into business opportunities.  

Fraud & Risk Management

Traditional fraud and risk management tools are being challenged by an ecosystem they were not designed for. To counteract this, an approach based on data enables propensity models to detect, alert and monitor fraud patterns. Similarly, a collections neuroscience based model can help optimise efforts to obtain the most valuable return.